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guy spriggs

Guy Spriggs

Guy Spriggs is an international tech entrepreneur who has created successful online companies since 1995. From startup to exit and everything in between.

Today, he is a business consultant, based in Barcelona.

Ramillas advises small and medium size businesses on growth strategies, pricing strategy, international expansion, sales and marketing, team motivation, mergers and acquisitions.

Guy Spriggs has co-founded and managed a series of famous brands in Europe and North America. Hamlovers.com is an international B2C gourmet e-commerce brand; Schoolbank.nl is a Dutch social network with over 4 million users; Rosetta.nl builds and manages marketplaces for newspapers; Loot is the UK’s first free classified marketplace.

“I’m very happy to have Guy as my coach and mentor. His experience and coaching tips have helped me a lot. And I especially valued the moments when he challenged my thinking. I would recommend Guy to anyone looking for a coach. I will definitely be coming back to work with Guy in the future.” – Silvion Moesan, Opensatisfaction.nl.

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We like to contribute knowledge based on experience. Our focus areas are international e-commerce, communities, marketplaces and social networks.

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