With the right price strategy, you will have happy customers who recommend you to their friends. And a healthy, profitable business.

Business owners need paying customers. Free users don’t pay your salaries and rent. But how do you evaluate and set the right price? How and when to introduce a price increase? Get these decisions wrong and you could risk the future of your business.

So, how do we calculate price? How do successful business owners get it right? What is the correct balance between price and volume?

Our pricing workshops

We offer a 1-day or 2-day workshop, at your office, where you will be able to explore different methods and apply them to your business. Up to 8 participants.


  • Learn how to identify your value to your customers and set the right prices for your products and services
  • Discover practical methods to test and evaluate
  • Use simple tools to monitor your pricing strategy
  • Plan for the future: how to respond and adapt when conditions change


  • “Freemium”: how to increase your percentage of paying customers by converting more of your free users.
  • Returning customers: make sure that your paying customers keep coming back.
  • What’s the alternative? Market analysis, testing and customer focus groups.


  • you will be asked to complete a short survey of your products/services at least 1 month before the workshop.
  • you will provide the venue, refreshments and a white board


  • the correct pricing structure for your products/services
  • testing and implementation plans
  • optional: help with testing and implementation, project management, customer focus groups

Please contact us for more information